NORDA - New Orleans Racing Drivers Association

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More Info

NORDA, the New Orleans Racing Drivers Association is for all Gulf Coast and Louisiana motorsports enthusiasts! NORDA counts members from all over the state and outside, including Canada. OK, it should be LaNORDA for Louisiana and New Orleans Racing Drivers, but that seemed to be a mouthful!

NORDA hosts a Calendar Page for local events for all of 2003. If you want an event announced contact NORDA to have it on the calendar.

NORDA also puts out the NORDA NEWS each week through its e-mail List, the NORDA LIST, allowing members easy contact information for members.

Started mid-September, 2001, NORDA has grown more than 550 members. Come on and join. Just fill in one of the forms on the pages and you will be added to the NORDA List.

Who are we?

NORDA is for all racers and fans of racing cars, motorcycles and karts - for drag, road and off-road racing, circle track, dirt and asphalt. NORDA's purpose is to increase the availability and popularity of our sport. We hope to add new members by YOUR word of mouth so we will be able to grow and expand. By developing relationships and friendships, NORDA will help members to continue the expansion of motorsports visibility and viability in Louisiana.


Because we want the sport to grow!! Through internet communication and our weekly lunches, we can help each other to grow our sport and increase our own enjoyment.

Now Louisiana enthusiasts have an new choice and a new racetrack facility for drags and road racing and more to come - the No Problem Raceway Park in Belle Rose near Donaldsonville, Louisiana.

With the 4,000' No Problem Raceway at NPRP for dragracing and its 1.8 mile road racing course, the Grand Bayou Circuit, the racing infrastructure is rapidly expanding to meet our members needs. With the NORDA List, members can determine the availability of parts or services locally and exchange ideas to help each other when necessary. No more calling all around to find something - put it out on the LIST and see who knows where it can be found or how it can be fixed!

Lastly, NORDA wants to promote the common interests of the members and our sport to the community. We intend to make a difference by exposing the a much larger audience to the enjoyment of motorsports for the benefit of all.

New Orleans Racing Drivers Association, 3030 Lausat Street, Metairie, LA 70001-5924 (504)831-7779