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NORDA NEWS December 8, 2004 "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming -- WOW--What a Ride!" -- Hunter S. Thompson NORDA Luncheons are every Thursday TOMORROW, December 9, 2004 at China Buffet, at 11:30, 100 N. Labarre Rd., at Airline Drive For a map to our Luncheon, use this link: Map & Directions to China Buffet visit the NORDA website: For other racing links, Click Here CHECK TV LISTING FOR MOTORSPORTS: Race Fan TV U.S. Listings CHECK THE WEATHER AT N.P.R. GENERAL NORDA NEWS (12-8-04) This is a good time to say a special Thanks to Charles Derbes, who has encouraged me and helped me for the past year and a half to put together and keep my Royale FF running, to David Roland Formula Class Champion who has always been helpful at the track to anyone who needed it, to Chris Wilken for his great work with the Spec Mazda cars and races and the PCA Club races and virtually every other event at or near the track, Rob von Dullen for his unending work to help everyone including his NORDA NEWS column every week, Tom Miller who has almost single-handedly created the Corner Krewe and continues to do so, Tom Walter and his guys in Timing and Scoring working every event, John Walter for being out there no matter what breaks, Mike Poupart heading the new SCCA road race to be held in June next year, all the guys of the Corner Krewe, Tom Quinlan for a great ride in his Miata and his friendship, Joe Lagarde and Dave Lastrappes for being at every lunch possible and making their frequent contributions, Bill Haack for his work with the PCA events, Bill Mack and John Baldwin for sponsoring the GBRS race series and the Party following Race #5 , Harold Petit for his substantial contributions in the Ferrari Garage and heading up the Ferrari track day and for driving the wheels off of his cars and keeping it real, the PCA and BMW Clubs, SCCA Delta and CENLA for volunteering to have a road race next year, and, of course, Pat and Linda Joffrion, and Winston Landymore, without whom we couldn't be having this much fun. We also wish everyone to have a safe and sane Holiday Season and hope to see you at more events. And I know I missed a bunch of other racers, grid workers, helpers and others, but even so, all of us really appreciate the great volunteer spirit which makes this Track and this Series so much fun. Oh, yeah, RACERS, please send Monte an email with your name, car make, yr, and model, race number and color, so you can be voted on by the Corner Krewe for best whatever! And if you can send a "head shot" (a photograph of your face, dummy!), that would be good too. Please send to ROAD RACING NEWS (12-8-04) GBRS Road Race #6 Season Finale & Awards Banquet Saturday, December 4 The last race of the Subaru Dealers of Louisiana Grand Bayou Road Racing Series went off last Saturday without a hitch. A bunch of new cars and one new driver made it out. Tommy Thompson won his first Formula class race in his new Radical SR-3, setting a low time of the day of 1:14.3 and change! The awards ceremony was hosted by the track and Mr. Winston handled the trophy ceremonies with decorum. A great time was had by all. Other news, karter, Robert Ardoin has purchased a Formula Mazda, so the Formula class continues to grow a little bit more. Congratulations to the Class winners and the Champions for 2004. If you look closely, you will see that some guys scored points in multiple Bracket classes, so if you add their points up, you might have a different result. And note that Franco Valobra and Steve Diniz both missed the race, so they were both awarded Championships, but they have to share the trophy . And NORDA would like to express a special thank you to the 37 Corner Krewe volunteers for 2004 who braved heat and snow, mosquitos, mud and boredom, too, to allow all of us the time on the track.<> Racers are going to have to step forward to help this next year when they are not racing or we will not have as many races. Tom Miller advised that some of the guys are just plain burning out. (12-8-04) John Durham (Attended all race days) Brian Johnson (Attended all race days) Roger Corby (Attended all race days) Tom Miller Everett Stapler Chad Stapler Ian Formaster Stanley Fussell John Bettinger Mike Roberts Bob Jelley Bill Kaehrle Barbara Shaw Nick Comeaux Bill Avery Carl Keiger Kerry Williams Trent Williams Leonard Marchand Jay Welther Joe Treadway Greg Mulvany Cathy Feldban Dick Constans Mitch McNabb Eric Botnick Rick Loumiet Richard Easton Al Morales Chuck Rotolo Kirk Thibadoux Brian Bush Chris Zielewski Mark Van Lake Craig McClain Lee Shalett (added by Monte) Hopefully, no one was left out, but if they were, I'm sure I will find out! Thanks!! Tom Miller Grand Bayou Races #6 & Season Points Champions (12-8-04) Subaru Grand Bayou Road Race Series Points Subaru Grand Bayou Road Race Series 2004 Points Season as of December 4, 2004 Class, Driver, Points Super Production John Walter, 42, Champion Mike Poupart, 35 Randy Greff,15 Scott Bolduc,12 Mike Shetler,12 Bob Woodhouse,10 John Stone, 8 GTO Steve Melton, 41, Champion Chris Wilken, 34 Ralph Wicker, 24 Harold Petit,11 Jim Bishop,9 Steve Bujenovich,7 John Crosby, 5 Christian Francois, 4 Formula David Roland,40,Champion Charlie Derbes,24 Mike Immel,17 Tommy Thompson,17 Monte Shalett,16 Chris St. Martin,16 Robert Leonick,13 Ted Haas, 7 Vintage V8 Laddie Roussel, 27, Champion Troy Russo, 26 Jimmy Talbot, 24 Winston Landymore, 20 Bryon Rome, 13 Richard Smith, 10 Red Bracket Steve Diniz, 24, Champion Franco Valobra, 24, Champion Phil Lahaye, 23 Scott Foremaster, 12 John Houghtaling, 10 Lane Sutton, 10 Scott Dunlap, 9 Bill Mack, 5 Gary Small, 5 Paul Telerico,5 Yellow Bracket Gary Small, 28, Champion Phil Turner, 20 Scott Foremaster, 17 Skip Brunson, 15 Robert Von Dullen, 15 Paul Telerico, 14 Joe Van Leen, 11 Phil Lahaye, 7 Blue Bracket Dennis Paul, 24, Champion Ricky Ricks, 12 Phil Turner, 10 Allan Simpson, 10 Chris Harris, 10 Joe Van Leen, 9 Gary Phillips, 8 Lane Sutton, 7 Robert Von Dullen, 7 Green Bracket Alan Simpson, 30, Champion Ricky Ricks, 25 Ken Mason, 14 Lloyd Olin, 10 Joe Van Leen, 4 Ron Randolph, 3 Spec Miata James York,40, Champion Tom Quinlan, 31 Chris Wilken, 22 David Lastrapes, 18 Todd Borges, 16 Joe Lagarde, 9 Marshal St. Amant, 3 Roy Barrios, 3 AUTOCROSS NEWS SOME INTERESTING FORUMS AUTOX FORUMS DRAG RACING NEWS (12-8-04) tonight, Wednesday, December 8 Test N Tune Friday, December 10 $$/Trophy Bracket Race Saturday, December 11 Christmas Drags $$ Race and Awards Banquet Happy Holidays from the staff of No Problem Raceway Track Office Closed - December 14 - January 3 KART RACING NEWS (12-1-04) LKA Races THIS weekend - December 12 LKA SCHEDULE Dec. 10 - Open Practice, Friday Dec. 12 - LKA Races, Sunday For more information on karting at No Problem Raceway and in our area in general: DAVID COURTNEY : For Sale from the Louisiana Karting Association Pitboard For Sale, by Brent Mosing Margay Brava 4 with honda motor - ready to race with digitron and extras - $600 Margay Brava 1 with honda motor - ready to race with micron 2 and extras - $1200 Call Mike or Matt Barry at 337-232-7293. Margay Brava 4 -McManus motor - ready to race - $1600 2001 TonyKart Super Greenstar chassis only - $1000 - Makes four cycle or 80cc shifter - 2003 Shadow Maxx - very few races on it - rolling chassis, DTK 55 digitron and bodywork - $1400. call Robin Ardoin @ 337-662-6012 1 Top Kart Cadet - (kids chassis) with McManus Motor - Call Todd Gaudeau @ 337-856-1655 Brava 4 rolling chassis - $300 - Offset Banchee Chassis with Clements Saturday Night Special - stock appearing engine - $1250 Call Ken Cangelosi @ 337-233-5358 Top Kart Chassis with fast Honda 6.5 motor, race ready. $1200 Call Brent Mosing at 337-277-9138 Full Kart race results are available online at To find the results, type in "No Problem, Subaru or SWRA" in the Search box. If you have a transponder and your number, AMB will let you see the laptimes. Visit this Member's kart racing page: Chris Herbert go to CALENDAR OF LOCAL KARTING EVENTS AKA & LKA Events Calendar Acadiana Karting Association Karting website: NEW SECTION - FRIENDS, SPONSORS & MOTORSPORTS SUPPLIERS (12-1-04) Automatic Plating, Inc. Bill Basset runs an ad in the local Yellow Pages. I called him and found him knowledgeable and very helpful. I asked him if he wanted to get some more business and here we go.... WE HAVE BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR 38 YEARS OFFERING ZINC PLATING AND ANODIZING. AUTOMATIC PLATING, INC. P.O. BOX 239 TAYLORSVILLE, MS 39168 PH 601-785-6923 FAX 601-785-9888 E MAIL ZINC PLATING, ZINC PHOSPHATING, HARD ANODIZING, AND REGULAR ANODIZING WITH COLORS IN BLACK, RED, BLUE AND VIOLET. Please mention that you are a member of the New Orleans Racing Drivers Association and you saw this notice in the NORDA NEWS. -Monte real world racing NEWS from Robert Von Dullen (12-8-04) YES, He REALLY Said That Kurt Busch, on staying in the Presidential Suite at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel: "I think one of the bedrooms is almost over in Staten Island . . . the other one is over in Queens, and one is in Midtown; the rooms seem that large." Lane Sutton, after his great qualifying run at the December 4th gbrs race “Don’t worry Scott I’ll pull a plug wire off in the main event to make it fair” COMMENT by RVD It's been a great year of racing once again. I like to make people laugh that’s why i look for sayings for the "yes he really said that" portion of the norda news. But I would like to take this time and thank some really great people for making my 2004 racing season such a success. in no particular order my cousin shawn for his pit crew duties and all the hard work and effort he put into my car; chris, lois and katie wilken for all their help, thanks to chris i drive much better and have lots of fun; monte, dave, joe, marshall, charlie, mike, allen, tom, tommy, johnny, tommy, scott, gary, lane, dennis and all the other guys and girls that show up at the Thursday NORDA lunches: I would like to thank all the corner crew guys that worked hard all year so we could race and to everyone that volunteered their time to make each event run smoothly. to all the class winners, congrats you guys worked hard drove hard and were fun to watch and race against. keep an eye on the rearview mirror i'm gaining on you (lol). Have a safe and happy holiday season and i look forward to seeing you guys next year Rob Ed- Thanks, Rob, for your great work this year (and last) in putting together the column. Monte AROUND THE CORNER Friday, December 10 La. Karting Association Open Track Day, NPRP Grand Bayou Circuit Sunday, December 12 La. Karting Association Races, NPRP Grand Bayou Circuit Monte C. Shalett, Director, NORDA New Orleans Racing Drivers Association 504-831-7779 TO BE REMOVED FROM THIS MAILING LIST - REPLY WITH "REMOVE" AS THE SUBJECT FOR SALE - NORDA runs motorsports relatedads for members and friends, just send them in! (10/27/04) 2000 CRG Heron / Yamaha 125 Shifter Kart superfast kart and Haghighi modified motor, spares - $2,800 Kawasaki KZ1000 Police Bike - $1,200 with radio box and all police bits - runs great Auto Parts Shelving - 84" x 38"w x 12" deep, all adjustable Four "rally" steel wheels for Chevy Pickup - $75 Four wheels/tires for Nissan Maxima - $125 A. J. Foyt Enterprises Cosworth Indy cams with AJ's stickers - good Xmas Gifts for racing nuts! Reasonable offers. contact Monte at Also check No Problem's Ad's - there are a bunch and you can list there also. The link is: -- Monte C. Shalett, President Berlinetta Imports, LLC & Berlinetta Racing Est. 1986 3030 Lausat Street Metairie, LA 70001-5924 NORDA NEWS New Orleans Racing Drivers Association May 5, 2004 Lunch at "27 hundred" Thursday May 6, 11:30AM at 2700 Metairie Road corner of Labarre Road For a map check this link: 27 hundred Restaurant Visit the website and NORDA links at "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming -- WOW--What a Ride!" from Ginger Leah GENERAL NORDA NEWS NORDA PLANNING A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES - IMAX NASCAR 3-D I'd like to see that IMAX thing but I'm out of town next Tuesday nite. Ya'll want to do it Wednesday? Maybe meet for a little social activity and then take in the movie. Let me know. Joe Lagarde We talked about this last luncheon - how many could get together for the races, maybe meet at Kerry's Irish Pub or some other convenient location near the Aquarium and then go to the show? Not this Wednesday, but May 19th, so we can talk about it at Thursday lunch! Are there any conflicts? Let Monte know or just come to the meeting tomorrow. Read below! N A S C A R 3 - D I WENT!!! THIS IS TRULY NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Now at ENTERGY IMAX Theater - NASCAR in 3D! Up to 8 stories high, 12,000 watts of sound!! 800 x 43 = 34,400 horsepower !! The racing footage (filmed from outside and inside the cars) is nothing short of astonishing, and the film can be seen as the sole reason IMAX 3D was invented. The 3D effect (which audiences see through very comfortable wrap-around glasses/head gear) surpasses that of T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous and other recent LF efforts. Theatres will no doubt be advised to crank the digital sound up to 11! Now Showing at ENTERGY IMAX Schedule at ROAD RACING NEWS 2004 Subaru Dealers of Louisiana Grand Bayou Race Series dates are: May 8 SATURDAY October 2 - 3 with 90 minute Enduro November 13 -14 with 90 minute Enduro December 4 GRAND BAYOU RACES ARE THIS SATURDAY Now in its third year the Series supported by Subaru Dealers of Louisiana is growing! Winston Landymore reports that more than thirty cars are already pre-registered. Brent Mosing will have Mike Immel driving his new Formula Mazda in the Formula car classes which should shake up the troops (Dave Roland and myself included). And Harold Petit will bring his new IMSA BMW M3 racecar out for this event in the new GTO class which will be a group within the Super Production race group. Expect a lot of Bracket racing in Red, Yellow, Blue and Green classes and then throw in the Vintage V8's and you have a great day of racing at the ole Grand Bayou. Plan on coming out around 9:30 if you want to watch the action develop or stop by after lunch for the big races. For directions and informational flyer try these links: Directions to the Track ( and Grand Bayou Race Series Information ( RACE RESULTS ONLINE FOR ALL NPR ROAD RACES - CAR, KART AND MOTORCYCLE Full race results for the weekend's raaces are NOW AVAILABLE online at thanks to our own Tom Walters. To find the results, type in "Subaru" in the Search box. If you have a transponder and your number, AMB will let you see laptimes. DRAG RACING SCHEDULE & NEWS Wednesday, May 5 - tonight Test N Tune Friday, May 7 $$/Trophy Bracket Race Saturday, May 8 -same day as the GBRS races Midnight Madness Sunday, May 9 - MOTORCYCLE ROAD RACING ON THE GRAND BAYOU CIRCUIT (1.8mi) Church of Speed Practice Day Wednesday, May 12 Test N Tune Friday, May 14 $$/Trophy Bracket Race Saturday, May 15 Coors Light Quick 16 $$ Bracket Race #8/King of the Track #3/Good Guy #3 Sunday, May 16 LKA Kart Race Wednesday, May 19 Test N Tune Friday, May 21 $$/Trophy Bracket Race Wednesday, May 26 Test N Tune Friday, May 28 NO $$/Trophy Bracket Race due to AHRMA M/C Race Friday-Sunday, May 28-30 - BIG TIME MOTORCYCLE VINTAGE ROAD RACING - Memorial Day Weekend AHRMA Vintage M/C Race American Historic Racing Motorcycle Assoc PICS OF O'REILLY'S EVENT by Curtis Bosarge If interested, you can see my gallery of photos from the NHRA O'Rielly Nationals held in Houston April 15 - 18th. sincerely, Curtis AUTOCROSS NEWS SCCA DELTA- POINTS EVENT #2, BELLE CHASSE, NAVAL STATION MAY 16 - Belle Chasse Naval Air Station PDF Flyer SOME INTERESTING FORUMS AUTOX FORUMS SCCA CENLA - TLAC II PICS Thanks to Glenn and Kerry Coughlin for the great pictures they took at TLAC II. Pics can be found at Gail CLUB NEWS - BAYOU CHAPTER, BMW CAR CLUB OF AMERICA INSTRUCTORS NEEDED!!!! Hi Chris & Ken- The local BMW car club is seeking help to put on a safe driving/car control clinic for teen drivers 16-19 years old on Saturday, June 12. Please see the details below. This is a terrific program that is being put on across the country in conjuction with BMW NA, BMW CCA, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Tire Rack, ZF Technologies, and our local dealership, Peake BMW. Visit for info. Most importantly we need instructors, about 20 total, and workers to assist with miscellaneous tasks throughout the day. The 1-day program will include typical car control exercises, such as accident avoidance, braking, wet skid pad, etc. In addition to the regular PCA instructor pool, my feeling is some of the advanced/solo students may also be experienced enough to teach this sort of thing. We will provide an outline to instructors prior to the event to get them familar with what will be taught. Could you all please forward this to your instructor e-mail list, plus to any other folks you feel are qualified? And...if you have any teen drivers in the family, I encourage you to sign them up! Registration info is on the Street Survival website. See you at the May DE - Thanks much, Kerry Tully BMW Bayou Chapter DEC If you feel you are qualified to instruct teen students in handling/braking/accident avoidance/wet skid pad, Bayou Chapter BMW CCA needs your help for one day - Saturday, June 12. Read the info below, and then we hope you will reply that you are available to help us instruct as many as 40 students. We will need one (1) instuctor for every two (2) students. STREET SURVIVAL SCHOOL FOR TEENS AGED 16 - 19 What: Presented by the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) a 501c(3) public Charitable Foundation in partnership with the BMW CCA Bayou Chapter Where: New Orleans Police Department Driving School, 13400 Old Gentilly Road, New Orleans 70129 When: Saturday June 12, 8:30am - 4:00pm Cost: $125 includes event fee, lunch, and a 1 year membership in the BMW Car Club To register: Visit Event Schedule: 8:00am Registration and car safety check 8:30am - 9:30am Classroom instruction to familiarize students with the day's events and language 9:30am - noon Hands-on car control instruction on a closed course noon - 1:00pm Lunch 1:00pm - 4:00pm More hands-on car control instruction on a closed course 4:05pm Short party for instructors and worker CLUB NEWS - PORSCHE CLUB - MONTHLY MEETING SET FOR NEXT WEDNESDAY, MAY 12TH at 2700, the NORDA Luncheon site DRIVER EDUCATION RESERVATIONS NOW BEING TAKEN Welcome to the Mardi Gras Region PCA website! Mardi Gras Region *** Our monthly meeting place has changed. Our new host restaurant is 2700 which is located at 2700 Metairie Road in Metairie, LA. It is located at the corner of Labarre and Metairie Road. Mark your calendars, our next meeting is April 14th. *** Registration is now open for our next Driver's Education Event! May 22-23, 2004 Cajun BBQ 2-Day Driver's Education Clinic Registration Now Open KART RACING NEWS Louisiana Karting Association APRIL 17 LKA Races at No Problem on the 1.8 mile Grand Bayou Circuit Full race results are NOW AVAILABLE online at thanks to our own Tom Walters. To find the results, type in "Subaru" in the Search box. If you have a transponder and your number, AMB will let you see the laptimes. The site has changed somewhat. I was not able to see my laptimes this time as I rented my transponder. Monte For more information on karting at No Problem Raceway and in our area in general: DAVID COURTNEY : CALENDAR OF LOCAL KARTING EVENTS AKA & LKA Events Calendar Acadiana Karting Association Karting website: LIGHTER NOTES, by Robert Von Dullen YES, I REALLY Said That The speed of light being superior to that of the sound, makes some peoples look intelligent until they open their mouth. YES, He REALLY Said That Gerry Kennedy after his heat race win at Mobile International Speedway said "I don't know who lit a fire under Stick Boy (Tommy Barrios) but he was hauling a$$" At the MIS race during the three-wide miata salute to the spectators one was overheard saying " Oh Lord they're going to start three wide" Also at the MIS race during thursday practice a spectator asked "Whats that?" to that i said a Miata. he said " A what?" A Miata, i said, "Oooooh". "Look honey they got a camera in that car. Hey what's that for?" While talking to my dad I said, some things never change. He said "we don't like change around here. "Whenever something changes it's always worse" Jeff Gordon, on spectators throwing beer cans on the track after his win at Talladega: "My fans are drinking Pepsi, not Budweiser, so that automatically puts them into a different mode when it comes to decision-making." AROUND THE CORNER May 22-23 Porsche Club of America Driver Education (DE) at NPR See you at lunch tomorrow! Monte C. Shalett, Director, NORDA New Orleans Racing Drivers Association 504-831-7779

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