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NO PROBLEM RACEWAY PARK (NPRP) & the Grand Bayou Circuit


NO PROBLEM RACEWAY PARK, named after the owners' racing team No Problem Racing, is located in Belle Rose, LA. The physical address is 6470 Hwy. 996, Belle Rose 70341. Phone: 985-369-3692 Track, 985-369-1157 Fax and Email the

How far is it from here? How do I get there? Just type in your Starting Point and let MapQuest show you! MapQuest may make your trip a little circuitous sometimes, so you might want to click the Track site (linked below) which has pre-printed maps which are the best routes.

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No Problem Raceway Park

Racer's Diary

Coming from New Orleans, Highway 3127 going west offers 45 miles of scenic and very high speed opportunities. Be smart - it is two lane and the last 14 miles are a little rough, but it is a preferred route. The chicken wings at the Shell Station near Vacherie are good also.